Pallet Sofa: Simple Steps to Do it By Yourself

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Pallet Sofa – There are some tools that you will need to make pallet sofa. Those are sandpaper, electric sander (optional), paint and brushes different. You also need Flexible foam (1.8 to 3.0 pounds p / cubic foot is better, at least 4 “thick). It is along with upholster furniture and understands, reliable sewing machine and brackets flat screws.  All the materials needed for this project, with the exception of platforms is easy to find. You can find those at hardware or home improvement stores your country.

Looking for pallet shipping is not too difficult. Most stores accept this more with each shipment they receive. He called on all parts of each local shop and just asks if they have a shipping pallet that they need to get rid of.  The first step to make pallet sofa is sand both the outer surface of the pallet, with particular attention to the edges and corners.

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Pallet Sofa

You have to paint panel the desired color and let dry. The top surface of each pallet measuring to determine the number of flexible foam has to be cut to size. Close the seat and back cushion fabric required. Secure the pallet, screw the bracket to the top of the back and flat bottom of the plate (at the end), then another to the upper front and rear of each pallet to secure the group together. Place the pillows and lounge or postponed go. That’s the entire easy DIY pallet sofa.

Pallet Sofa